Thursday, October 23, 2008

Osama Nation

After the dust has settled, after the light has been blown out. When Barrack Obama has won. And the years of depression and pain have followed, A Governor from California will stand and deliver...

"I know that many of you out there are tired. Tired, broken, and hopeless. Long has it been since the flame of hope burgeoned within the heart of every American. Every step, every effort has sunk us into a deeper and darker hole. Now, many of us are in the darkest and most terrifying hole of all. Many have lost, many are losing, and all are suffering. We have lost our way. Like a child alone and afraid. This darkness, so close at hand, is threatening to take over, to take control of this nation that so many have fought and died for. War’s, depressions, pain—we have felt them all. Yet we have endured. This country has stood at the brink of progress, and has fallen into the waist-lands of decay. For so long we stood, as Ronald Reagen said, “Like a shining city on a hill.” That hill has been overcome with evil.
Now, it seems there is little we can do to stop the flood form breaking over us, drowning our every dream. We have watched as our leaders have stripped away everything it means to be an American. Every freedom, every right which has been willingly handed over, and now we are left with our own devices. Sadly, those devices are wicked, devastating. As we purged this nation of God almighty, he was replaced with sinister plans and vindictive deeds. In this—our hour of need, the darkness is won. It is ascending the steps to the plinth of supreme domination. What has become of our freedom? Our Liberty? Our Rights? Our Country? Where is our Justice? Our Honor? Our Compassion? Our Hope? For many, those virtues have long since been replaced with control. Control by the government. Control of our money, control of our standing, control of your lives-- Even as we stand here in the ruins of the White House, I see what we have created.
However, I see something else as well…Here we stand divided, leaderless, hopeless. I ask you now--one last time—with one last breath—with one last once of strength-- Lift your weary heads. I know that you are tired. I know that you are hungry—I know that it will be the hardest thing you have ever done. I know that you have tasted the bottom. I know that you have seen devastation. I know that you have lived through pain and persecution and been stripped of everything held dear. But stand up. Lift your head and see the dawn. For it is more beautiful and more precious than anything before. And as the light travels across this great land—north---south—east—west— Stand. Stand. Stand. Stand. That light will wash away the evil, the evil of control—the evil of men who seek it—the evil of those who supported it—the evil of those who watched democracy die with a swift spoken sorcerer to thunderous applause. Stand and untie, stand and defy, stand and bring back the values and passion into this country. We have been divided too long. Stand. Lift your head. Nothing is as promising as this country, as this nation I love so much. It is the land of opportunity. Stand and throw out those who seek to socialize, throw out those who seek to control. Freedom is our distinction. Freedom is our livelihood. Freedom is our last hope.
Hope, hope for the future, hope for our children. Stand today and tell the world we have hope. Tell them that we will realize our hope by overcoming obstruction, by overcoming adversity. Why, you ask will we prevail? The answer is simple, we are America. We are the land of honesty, the land of hope, the land of prosperity. We will leave our new prosperity to the future generations by standing on the shoulders of those past. Lessons learned will not be repeated. We will prevail. So I ask you now, stand with me, stand with America, stand with this country, America the bountiful, the beautiful. Lift your head one last time, push the sun into the sky with all the remains of your strength to give us one last gleaming day of sunshine. Let this nation shine with the light of hope forever, let this nation shine with the light of truth forever, let this nation shine. Lift your head and see the sunrise, for the darkness is passing, and the new sun is rising. Raise your head and stand with America, stand with its people, poor, rich, in-between. stand with its power, it’s honor, it’s freedom, stand with America---Stand With Me. All you need is faith, and faith will prevail, America will prevail. Prevail. Stand with America, Stand, fight, and if in that darkest hour, you stand and say, "we will not stop, we will not yield, we will not be held back..." If we do that we will WIN! "


  1. Obama who? I wish I could say that.

  2. you need to write more Sean, you are so good with words.