Saturday, August 8, 2009


The war has begun, the Ministry has been distributing leaflets warning people to turn in anyone speaking negatively about their new plan to round up muggle-bourns and report their names and their links to subversive groups. Led by professor Umbrige, a lack lust, x-professor for Hogwarts School, the Ministry has charged forward with the Muggle Bourn Registration Act. After rounding up such individuals, it is up to the Ministry where their loyalties lie.
Strangely enough, this plot to the last Harry Potter book cuts far too close to home. In a statement to the American people, our Fearless Leader is telling us that we need to report anyone out there talking bad on his blunderous health care plan. To say that Obama is making a mockery of America isn’t quite strong enough. Most highly ranking Democrats are telling everyone that these groups, these people who show up at the Obama’s town hall meetings are simply Republican, right wing extremists. They are certain that the Republican Party has called thousands of people and told them to show up and protest. The more people know about Obama’s Heath-ruining plan, the more they are opposed to it. So, I challenge anyone who reads this to challenge our Fuhrer, and destroy this heal care monstrosity before it takes flight.

Carl Marx said that the only way to have a legitimate Communist society is to start with a Capitalist society, transition into socialism and end with communism. We are well on our way and at the helm of our sinking ship is Obama. Perhaps a mutiny is called for?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

17 Again

Everyone should see this movie. I don’t much care for the little Efron guy but this movie was very good. It gave a great image of the relationship of an out of touch father and his children. Go and see it….Worth the money, worth your time.