Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Big Ass Faces

This summer I was very excited to see Mt. Rushmore. It is a national monument and is definitely one of the most impressive things I have ever seen. Also, in the gift shop, we were able to talk to the last member of the crew that built it. He couldn't walk, barely see, lets just say, old. But his story was fascinating.

We also visited a place called Devils Tower. Apparently it is the highest natural rock formation in the US. It was freaking huge.


  1. Sean,
    I love the pic with the flag in front of the big rock. So neat.
    You should check out Drew's blog. You would appreciate his babble.

  2. Love the big ass faces. I have never been to Mt Rushmore but it definitely is on my places to visit. Is there room for one more face someday?

  3. Sean - I'm checking out the voting and I say you have a chance.

  4. Sean - love your pictures, you are so good. I don't even like taking pictures when you are around, mine turn out so crappy and yours are amazing!!

    Mom - I sure hope Sean wins, anything is better then Obama, he is the devil.

  5. dude, you called the presidents ass faces. that's silly.