Friday, October 17, 2008

America Tumbling Downward

It is a sad day when a candidate with no experience and possibly the worst economic plan in a hundred years is a breath away from being the President of the United States. It goes beyond politics, beyond black vs. white, beyond republican vs. democrat. The problem lies with a naive and ignorant view of the economy. The facts are simple. Raising taxes is, and has always been a dangerous proposition. Lately, democrats have been spouting about McCain’s tax plan while combating his “lower taxes,” with a “tax the rich ideology.” What Barrack Husain Obama fails to realize is that his plan of taxing the so called rich, increases the taxation of people who make over two hundred and fifty thousand dollars.
It is either ignorance or blatant stupidity; either way, Barrack Husain Obama is absolutely overlooking the fact that most small businesses and all of big business will suffer a tremendous tax increase. If we have a significant problem with companies moving overseas, how can we expect them to stay when they are being taxed out of business? When Barrack Husain Obama taxes business, it will have three results.
1. Larger businesses, which have the ability to move off shore, will do so. They will pack up and leave thousands of people jobless and our economy more broken than it already is.
2. The taxation of business that cannot move overseas will then dismiss thousands of employees. In order to protect profits, which by the way is what business exists despite the idea that business exists for the workers, such businesses will be forced to cut salaries and or remove employees.
3. The last would be that because taxation would be such a burden, the prices of products and services with companies within the United States would raise causing the already out of work masses to not be able to afford any goods and services.


  1. Sean - sorry I had to vote for McCain instead of you this time. I will vote for you as soon as you are legal. Can't wait.

  2. dude you have my vote. also, using Barack's middle name, excellent use of mudslinging